November 9th, 2015

Kevin’s blog

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I made the decision to write a blog and then immediately found out I had writer’s block. What a way to start! The intention of this blog is to talk about Shed Solutions, share stuff I find interesting from around the web, and generally speak my mind.

So, here we go!

Shed Solutions might be the best kept secret in garden sheds in Southern Ontario. We never set out for that to happen, but it did and this is how it happened.

In the spring of 2000, Shed Solutions became a dealer for a company building high quality garden sheds located outside of Sherbrooke, Quebec called Remises Real Lamontagne. At that time the product was sold as YardFX in Ontario.  A year or so later the distributor set up a deal with The Building Box ( which later would be renamed as Rona ) to sell certain specific models of the product line directly through their warehouse stores and Shed Solutions were the people who installed those sheds as well as our own sales.

Fast forward three years or so, the contract between Rona and the distributor ended, and Shed Solutions was now dealing directly with the manufacturer and selling the same product as before which was now branded as Prestige Garden Sheds in Ontario.  A new contract was created between Home Depot Canada and Prestige Garden Sheds, which saw three dealers in Southern Ontario service a total of 75 Home Depot as ” service providers”. Shed Solutions looked after 25 Home Depot locations from Niagara Falls to Peterborough.  That contract ran for roughly eight years until in March of 2013 when Prestige Garden Sheds chose not to enter into a new contract with Home Depot Canada.  Prestige Garden Sheds carried on for another few months and then went bankrupt.

Shed Solutions found new suppliers of high quality sheds but that’s another chapter of this story that I will write about another day.

Remember that when I began this tale I said Shed Solutions was perhaps the best kept secret in the GTA? Most of the people who purchased their great backyard garden sheds, pool cabanas or garages through the Building Box ( Rona ) or Home Depot Canada have no idea that Shed Solutions was the company on the front lines of customer service. To further complicate matters, how often do people move and how often do they pass along details of the products they have installed on their properties to the new owners and even if they did, the paperwork said YardFX or the Home Depot? It didn’t say Shed Solutions.

The bottom line? Most people would have no idea that their shed is one of several thousand buildings brought to you by Shed Solutions.





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